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Marvelous Melia Madness Benjamin's Journal

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

11:22AM - Wow

Has it really been a month since I have posted anything here!

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Monday, February 3, 2003

9:43AM - My right knee and leg

The pain is killing me slowly. The muscles that never get used are being used by having to lug my brace around. I think my brace is heavier than my whole leg itself, by the end of my recover I should have muscles the size of my left leg (which would not really be a bad thing. In the meantime though, I have to deal with the constant strain on muscles that hardly ever get used.

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Current mood: accomplished

Thursday, January 30, 2003

5:59PM - So Proud...

I am so proud of my son. He is in 1st grade and is a Tiger Cub Scout. He got his tiger totem tonight as well as three beads for each of his strings, or whatever it is called.

I am a very proud parent right now :-)

Current mood: excited

Wednesday, January 1, 2003

2:41PM - Back from California

I am so glad to be home again. My family and I had a great time doing all the Southern California things: Disneyland, beach, friends, family etc...

This morning and early afternoon I spent cleaning the house. The cats and dogs left a mess for me to clean up after. The garage where the dogs spent much of trhere time is a mess. Our female dog SnowBall decided that she wanted to empty some boxes and destroy some of the contents.

The cats decided to knock down some cd's and destroy the cases. So I had to pick those up last night.

This morning I spent vacuuming and watching the Rose Parade. I grew up in So. Cal. so it is a habit for me to watch the parade.

Current mood: tired

Monday, December 16, 2002

11:26PM - Meeting People Online?

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Sunday, December 15, 2002

8:39PM - 'Don't Drink The Water'

Good play written by Woody Allen.

I saw it today with my husband at the community theatre in our area. I still think that my husband would have been a good Walter Hollander the absent-minded caterer who has found his way into trouble with his family while with his family in Moscow.

The play takes place in the American Embassy. The Ambassador's son takes over for two weeks for a Dad that is running for Governor in the United States. Axel manages to screw up everything and thus the Secretary Kilroy takes over the job. While she is Ambassador she gets hit by a stray brick in a riot and thinks she is the Wright Brothers (both of them) and has a conversation between the two of them with herself.

When the Ambassador does return he finds a mess to clean up. He is not really amazed that he has to clean up his son's mess but sends his son elsewhere so as not to create an even bigger mess in Moscow.

Axel and the Hollander's daughter, Susan, end up falling in love. At the end of the play they get married. Then they move away to another Embassy to create more havoc in the world.

The whole play took place within two weeks. Now that is a Woody Allen play if ever I saw one. He is a crazed writer and creates these crazy characters that can make havoc in a most normal situation ever.

Current mood: calm

Saturday, December 14, 2002

2:27AM - Where is my livejournal

I can log in but I cannot read my account or any of my friends this sucks !! I'm a dang paid member what the hell is going on now.

Current mood: bitchy

1:28AM - What is your favorite Community here?

I have several communities on my list some of which I started :


Please join my groups if you like but what I am really asking is there any groups out there for a somewhat Christian with an open mind to seeing life in a different light because there is always something missing.

Please post comments regarding communities that I am not already members of. I am open to different things except pagan traditions. Please do not take offense those of you who are pagan I am just not interested in those types of traditions.

Thanks in advance...

Friday, December 13, 2002

2:23AM - Where Did your soul Originate?

Where Did Your Soul Originate?

brought to you by Quizilla

Current mood: calm

Thursday, December 12, 2002

2:15AM - Thank you

To those who have filled out my poll. This was my first poll that I have done and I found the error in the last question after posting it and can't figure out where to edit it.

Good night to all and stay safe.

Current mood: tired

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

2:22PM - Where you live?

Poll #82814 Where you live?

Do you like where you are living?


Why or why not?

Where would you like to live ? Why?

What is the likelihood of you ever moving there?

Mean: 3.67 Median: 4 Std. Dev 0.94

If you are least likely to move whom stops you?

other loved ones

If other please explain

Do you live ---

Big City
Somewhere in between

How did you come across this survey?

Would you tell your friends about me or tyhis survey? Yes or No: please explain your answer

2:02PM - There are times

I wish I had a nice quiet office to go to with a couch...Like my husbands. I would take my daughters playpen and run to that office today.


1:54PM - Headache

For the next two days my house/ rental property is being re-roffed thus during the day I am sure I will have a major headache and be in bed most of the time. I am just glad it only takes these guys about two days -- any longer and I would have to hold myself up in a hotel and put my animals in the kennel. Five to ten guys on my roof is just too many people for me to handle.

I guess it is good because I love to stay home and now I have a reason to stay indoors where it is warm. I have never been one who likes to go outside to meet knew people although I love to meet prople on the web -- that is sort of anonymous and fun because you don't have to make eye contact or anything. Face-to-face one must pretend to be someone you may or may not be. Like at parties, one has to be up and smiling even though the feelings inside are quite different and one would rather cry....At least that is the way I am.....


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Current mood: annoyed

12:40AM - Done with my testing for DHS job positions open

I finished about 8:30pm I think it was. They were pretty simple except I thought even thought the first seemed more time consuming was easier than the second test I had to take. I felt like I was back in graduate school with the marathon 3 hour tests.

The professors in my Master's in Social Work classes would always make sure that their tests took you the whole time period of three hours. I can't believe how much I remembered considering I have not picked up a social work textbook in 3 years, or more.

My nose ran all through the tests. It did not help that it was freezing in the room where the test was being administered. I hate cold rooms. They are a pain in the butt...I think my feet are still trying to warm up.

<lj-cut text="Family Ramblings to Follow> ...... I am now getting myself prepared to make my son a Tooth Fairy Pillow so that he will stop loosing his teeth before the tooth fairy comes to pick it up and leave his $5 .... He has a knack for loosing his lost tooth before I can even inform "the toothefairy" (eg. me) of the loss of the tooth. Anyway, that is what has gone on today. I have another headache. I think I have that cold I think I spoke of earlier this morning about. My washer got fixed today. I had to wait almost a week from the time my Snowball ate the cord until now when it got fixed. I had and still have laundry piling up around my room. I am still stepping on dirty clothes. I don't think I will ever catch up with the hell of dirty clothes. Anyway, I hope everybody else had as good a day as I have had.

Current mood: accomplished

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

8:36AM - I feel like crap today !!

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Current mood: sick

Sunday, December 8, 2002

6:00PM - OH NO !!!!

My daughter just choked on a little tiny piece of my son's Kynex toy. I could not get it up but I got it out of her airway. This is scary because my husband has the car in Norman, some 300 miles away from here.

I just hope and pray it did not damage her organs etc. I am sure it didn't though. It was a plastic piece and other children swallow coins and such all the time.

It was just scary !!!!

I'll just wait now and hope it comes out in her poops.

Current mood: scared

2:44AM - Started Yet another Community

This one is dark_poet_dprss I feel that there is a need for a place for Poetry and other very short short stories. I This is for those suffering from any type of depression and write dark poetry while they are down.

This is not a community to talk about meds and the sort. There is already several groups here that discuss that specific topic one in paticular is: club_meds. You can go there for more information.

Please come stop by, join the community if you would like and post your poetry. Cross Posts are welcome because there is no way that everyone can be on everyone else's lj thus a lot could be missed.


Current mood: productive

Saturday, December 7, 2002

3:14AM - Happenings....

Too much is happening all at once...
I can't explain it...
This has nothing to do with my depression...
But just little things around the house...

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Current mood: annoyed

Thursday, December 5, 2002

10:48PM - The snow caused me to cancel my appointment !!!

The snow that came through here the other day caused me to cancel my pdoc appointment because the roads were slick and could possibly become hazardous by sundown. I rescheduled my appointment for Jan 6th. Only a month away.

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Current mood: apathetic

8:02PM - My lip and chin hurt like hell!!!!!!

Snowball decided to play around and knock me over and then I'm not sure what happened after that....She may have fallen on me, kick me, or it may have been the way I hit the floor. Mind you she is not a small pup -- she is a pyrenees -- retriever mix....A beautiful white pup with cream color mixed in. She is also usually well behaved.

But my lip is busted and somewhat swollen and my chin has a few scratches. I look like I have been through a warzone and I feel like I came from hell and back.

Hell, I even have a headache. Tonight might be an early night.


I have to at least make it through ER -- one of my favorite Thursday night shows Will and Grace and Survivor right behind.

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